Get to know more about engineer career


is a branch that applies the principles of science and mathematics to usability, build products, roads, electricity, water supply, vehicles, housing and building systems that help to comfortable and safe life at cost effective.


Engineer is a career that uses the knowledge of engineering. A person who must have knowledge of science and mathematics as basis and who is a creator. It can be said that engineer is one of the creators’ occupations. Build something up, must consider the several elements such as durability, effective use, safety to use and the most important is cost effective. All of those factors, engineer is one of the most important participate because engineering knowledge uses science and mathematics knowledge to apply and meet the actual needs. Behind the comfortable life, life surrounded by many facilities and safe life could happen from engineers. So engineers are truly creators.


Get to know more about engineer career, understand the role and important of engineers, watch the inventions from students of engineering faculty, industrial products and services, advanced products for daily life. Invite to join “Engineering Expo 2018” 11-13 October 2018 at Bitec Bangna.

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