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Coordinating Center for Energy Conservation Building Design

Evaluation Procedures and Certification of Energy Conservation Building Plan

Government sectors, state enterprises or project stakeholders must provide the project detail, building blueprint together with the evaluation conclusion form of energy conservation building plan determined by Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE), the BEC.002 form. Moreover, the building plan must consist of at least the following details:
    1) Architectural drawing: area layout, floor plan, site plan, elevation, cross section, expanding plan related to building envelope system such as material types, thickness, or building colors, etc.
    2) Structural drawing: beam plan and beam cross-section drawing
    3) Electric lighting system drawing: identify types and number of lights and ballasts, used in building both in air conditioning and non-conditioning areas (excluding parking area).
    4) Air Conditioning system drawing: identify types, sizes, amounts, and the coefficient of performance.
    5) Water Heating Appliance (if applicable): identify types and the energy efficiency of the systems.
    6) Solar cells usage details (if applicable): identify the capability of electricity generated within 1 year.
    7) Bill of Quantities (BOQ) details (if applicable)


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